GC20 Seminar List

Randall Lee [Moderator], Danielle Lee, Stan and Juli Jasinski, Phillip Hofstetter, John Owens
WNOP Panel
Discover how to incorporate powerful practical prayer to enhance your personal prayer life and church prayer ministry. Learn how to greater impact youth and children through the dynamic power of prayer. Determine how to engage in effective prayer evangelism to impact your communities and ministry localities. Gain understanding on how to effectively promote prayer in your field of labor. Get awesome "tips" on prayer!
Raul Orozco
Church Growth Methods within the Hispanic Community
The Hispanic community within North America is one of the fastest-growing demographics today, and is represented in almost every city and town. The harvest is ripe, and the challenge is before the church to reap. This seminar will equip you with tools to reap souls for the Kingdom
Raul Orozco pastors a growing church in the Los Angeles area and has proven ways to grow. He is a proponent of daughter works, and has planted almost 30 thriving churches under his Mother church. He is the General Director of Spanish Evangelism Ministries.
Raymond Woodward
20/20 Vision and Ministry Success
Learn how to become leading visionaries in the kingdom of God, with rewarding outcomes. Discover how to envision that the same God who gives the vision also can give the provision, and grant great success in ministry. Ascertain how prayer and ministry work together towards major accomplishments. Experience the reality of Joshua 1:8-9. Incorporate 2020 spiritual vision, so that you can see clearly that through God anything is possible!
Raymond Woodward is Lead Pastor of Capital Community Church in Fredericton, and has been in pastoral ministry more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Northeast Christian College and has a Certificate in Adult Education from the University of New Brunswick. He currently serves on the Global Missions Board and the Executive Board of the UPCI.
Robin Johnston
ImportantPieces of Our History
This seminar will take a look back at our history with several pieces that shaped the UPCI.
Robin Johnston (PhD, Regent University) is the editor in chief and publisher of the UPCI, director of the Center for the Study of Oneness Pentecostalism, and professor of historical theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He served as the general editor for the Apostolic Study Bible and has authored several books including Howard Goss: A Pentecostal Life. He and his wife, Marsha, have three children and several grandchildren.
Scott Sistrunk, Kenneth Stewart, Josh Carson, Kaleb Saucer
Your Next Mission: Short-Term Missions in North America
Experience practical classroom teaching and exciting, real-life, in-the-field training beside a veteran North American Missions Church planter. Initi8, a North American Short Term Missions adventure, is your natural "next step" following involvement in a P7 Club, AYC trip, or CMI Ministry. Come learn how to Initi8 yourself into ministry!
Scott Sistrunk and his wife, Karla, ministered in the Detroit area for twenty-nine years. They have three children and four grandchildren. The Sistrunks have been planting churches in the Detroit area since 1996. In 2005, they became career church planters under the Metro Missionary program. Reverend Sistrunk was elected as the General Director of North American Missions in September 2017. He brings a lifetime of experience to lead us in reaching North America. Kenneth Stewart Kenneth Stewart has served as the General North American Missions Director of Promotions since July of 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Christian Life College in Stockton, CA. Kenneth has been married for over twenty-eight years, to his wife Althea, and is the proud father of three daughters Ayana (husband Vagner) and Alyssa and Alena. Josh Carson joined the UPCI Youth Ministries in the fall of 2013. Before coming to St. Louis Josh served on staff in Tallmadge, Ohio, and also as the Ohio District Youth President. Josh has now served in youth ministry for over nineteen years. Josh is honored to be an Ordained UPCI minister and is extremely passionate about leading this generation of Apostolic Youth to reach the world! Josh met the �love of his life� Rachel while attending Indiana Bible College, and they have been married since 2002 and have four children. Kaleb Saucer has been involved in campus ministry since 2009. He is a veteran campus minister with a desire to see an Apostolic presence on every campus in North America. Kaleb received his MBA from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and has also earned his Masters in Christian Counseling and Bachelor�s in Marketing. He, his wife Ellerie, and new son Easton currently reside in St Louis, Missouri, where he works at the UPCI headquarters under the Division of Publications.
Speaker Pool: Jean Carney, Thetus Tenney, Kevin Cox, Jeannie Paslay, Victoria Carpenter Tracy
How to Cope with the Loss of a Spouse
This seminar will cover several topics including: finances, finding your place in ministry, blending families and several others. You will hear from several different teachers who have learned to navigate these challenges after losing a spouse.
Stan Gleason
Church Culture
Vision may set direction but culture takes you there. This session explores creating a culture of disciple-making in the local church.
Stan Gleason has been a father and lead pastor for thirty-three years and a former district superintendent. In these roles, his most significant accomplishment has been to make room for the next generation of leaders.
Stephen Drury and Rick Lovall
Growth through Building, Buying, or Renovation
Is your church prepared for future growth and expansion? Come learn about the many products and services the Church Loan Fund offers to help you get ready! We offer financing opportunities for construction, renovation, land or building purchase, refinance, and Church-in-a-Day. We also offer Stewardship Campaigns for debt reduction or building programs, as well as Construction Management Services to help you before and during the building process.
Stephen Drury has been the Director of the UPCI Stewardship Group since 2003. Under his leadership, Stewardship has started the United Pentecostal Foundation, United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund, and United Insurance Solutions, Inc. He is passionate about building trust and providing financial resources to pastors and congregations. Rick Lovall serves as the Assistant Director of The Stewardship Group and as the senior loan officer for the UPC Loan Fund. With over 16 years of experience in lending, and 9 years as a pastor, he understands the financial needs of the church and is committed to serving the financial needs of the kingdom.
Terry and Melani Shock
Leadership Development for Global Impact
Everything rises and falls on leadership! We are experiencing unprecedented revival and church growth globally. Greater growth is still to come. Leaders must be ready. What are leadership principles taught globally that can also impact locally?
The Shocks are the founders and leaders of Kingdom Quest Ministries. Terry Shock is the global coordinator of Leadership Development International with Global Missions and together the Shocks travel extensively training leaders as they facilitate global revival.
Thetus Tenney
What He Did . . . He Still Does
From the perspective of the child of pioneer apostolics to being and being married to a leader in current apostolic ministry - from experiencing early apostolic ministry and ministry today, Thetus Tenney shares the stories and strengths of her lifetime. As we celebrate 75 years, Sister Tenney will shares stories from the past that will bring strength and hope to each of us today. What He Did. . . He Still Does.
Thetus Tenney was a prayerful girl who grew up to be a great woman of prayer and the Word. She travels extensively, ministering from the Word she loves so much.
Tim Bizelli
Processing Loss and Grief
Loss and grief touch every life, but an unexpected or untimely loss can be especially difficult. This session will explore ways of processing grief in a healthy, God-honoring manner.
Tim Bizelli is the pastor of New Hope Apostolic Church in Pike County, Missouri. He has a bachelor's degree in human services and a master of science in counseling education. Pastor Bizelli has been conducting professional counseling services full time as a licensed professional counselor since 2005. In 2017, Bizelli became a state-approved counseling supervisor for the Division of Professional Counseling for the State of Missouri. Bizelli also has a private counseling practice and is employed by Centerpointe Hospital in Weldon Spring, Missouri.
Victor Jackson
First Generation Preachers
Victor Jackson will discuss how to build a strong foundation through submission, prayer, sacrifice. He will discuss the importance of family in ministry and also the hurdles that a first generation preacher may face in their ministry.
Victor Jackson is a UPCI ordained evangelist that has been evangelizing for 10 years in the USA and abroad. For almost 8 of those years he and his wife Luisa have evangelized together full time. He remains under the leadership and covering of Bishop James Varnum and Pastor Jason Varnum, while continuing to base out of his home church Souls Harbor FPC in Belleview, FL. January 2016 God blessed Victor and his wife with a son, James Asher who is named after Bishop and Pastor Varnum. Evangelist Jackson continues to travel throughout the movement preaching youth camps, camp-meetings, conferences, and revival services. In each city he travels to, you can always find him at a nearby Starbucks devouring the word of God.
Wanda Chavis
Living a Healthy Balance
Why is living a healthy, balanced life such a challenge? Shouldn't born-again believers have a better handle on this concept? In this seminar we will discuss specific reasons you are struggling with mental stress and fatigue; physical health and lifestyle balance. Come prepared to learn, laugh and listen as we renovate your mindset about whole health.
Wanda holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Alternative Medicine and Public Health Administration. She is a holistic educator, a comedian motivational speaker, and serves the North Carolina District of the UPCI as the Ladies President. She and her husband Jeff pastor, United. The Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, NC.
Aaron Bounds
Finding the Flow of the Spirit
In this seminar you will learn to flow with the Spirit of God in ministry and allowing Him to lead you in the gifts of the Spirit.
Aaron Bounds is husband to Cyndi and father the Laken(16), Sawyer(14), Jillian (12), Finn (8). Aarln pastors a multi campus church in Zanesville with 7 daughter works.
Alonzo Terry
Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity within the Church
In our world today cultural diversity and sensitivity are a hot topic of conversation. If we want to truly reach our world with the saving gospel we must reflect our community in our demographics and cultures. This seminar will help you become more aware of pitfalls we commonly make when working with someone of a different cultural or demographic group.
Alonzo Terry pastors a thriving church in College Park, Georgia. He hosts a well-attended Mentorship Conference each year, and speaks often on the topic of diversity awareness.
Angie Clark, Ashton Lloyd
Ministering in Creative-Access Nations
There are nearly 7,000 unreached people groups globally. Entire nations are considered access-challenged. Many locations may not welcome traditional missionary methods but want those that have other skills to offer. No one country is truly closed to the Gospel. Some require creative access; out of the box thinking. One example is TEFL/TESOL. There is an open door of involvement in teaching English to students of other languages. The open door begins in our own backyard and reaches around the world. Learn how to pray for ACNs and UPGs. Experience ways to get involved! Find out about our growing TESOL certification and training program.
Angie serves as the Next Steps program coordinator. She works as part of a larger team to recruit Next Generation missionaries with the hope of building an intergenerational community of laborers on the field. She also co-hosts an annual TESOL/TEFL training event. Ashton Loyd serves as the Promotions Analyst for Global Missions. She works as part of a larger team to recruit Next Generation missionaries with the hope of building an intergenerational community of laborers on the field. She also co-hosts an annual TESOL/TEFL training event.
Art Wilson
The State of the World and Church
In this seminar Art Wilson will present high level data connecting current world events with the global harvest. They will also be fielding Q&A from the attendees.
Art Wilson Is the chaplain of the UN ministry in Manhattan NY. He serves as the WAFUNIF Goodwill Ambassabor and is the Pastor and Founder of the International Church of Metro Detroit.
Billy Haley and Tim Zuniga
The Youth Pastor/Pastor Partnership
Billy Haley serves as the Creative Arts Pastor at Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church. Prior to his role as Creative Arts Pastor he served as Student Pastor at GPC for eleven years. He enjoys hunting, fishing, sports and anything that involves being outdoors. He and his wife, Lauren, have three children. Veteran Youth Pastor Billy Haley and Pastor Tim Zuniga will discuss the do�s and do not�s of this important relationship. Calling all pastors and youth pastors looking to ensure a healthy relationship with those they serve alongside. This session will be filled with humor and practical tips to carry home.
Pastor Tim Zuniga is the Senior Pastor of Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church that is now a multi-campus church in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He likes helping to grow leaders, and working with church leadership teams and pastors. He also likes having discussions around church growth and what is working for healthy churches. He has been married to his wife, Julie, for over 25 years. They have three sons, Trenton, Tanner and Thacher.
Brandon Buford
The Need for Children's Evangelists in Today's World
The need for Children's Evangelists is greater than it has ever been. The children of today deal with issues that were not prevalent in previous generations. It is imperative we reach them, not just in North America but internationally. The future of the church depends on the children of today.
Brandon Buford pastors The Lighthouse in O'Fallon, Missouri. He is the Director of the Association of Children's Evangelists (ACE) that is under the umbrella of the UPCI Children's Ministries. Bro. Buford and his wife Brianne still travel part-time and have three children, Zane, Zoe and Zeke.
Brittani Scott and Jeremy and Jamin Hart
Songwriting: Inspiration to Completion
This seminar will walk through the steps of organizing your inspiration into a well structured song. Including how to build the verse, chorus, and bridge. Once the song is complete we will talk about making the decision to record and the steps involved in bringing that to completion.
Brittani Scott is a Seattle-based worship leader. She and her husband are church planters, and her mission is to write and release songs of truth and power that are relevant for today's church. Ministry is at the center of who Jeremy and Jamin Hart are. Whether it be singing, preaching, or songwriting, the goal of this couple is to transport the listener into the presence of God. Jeremy traveled for six years as a single evangelist. Six solo recordings were released during those years, many of which contain original songs. Jeremy's foremost calling, beyond music, is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jamin graduated from Indiana Bible College in 2017 with a bachelors degree in Biblical Studies and Worship Studies. In 2016 at the IBC Live recording, she sang her original song "Still Gonna Praise You� and the song has since been sung in countless churches and meetings around the globe. The Harts travel all across the United States ministering in churches, concerts, revivals, conferences and camp meetings.
Brocc Chavis
The Purpose of Multicultural Ministries
Have you ever wondered what the purpose of UPCI Multicultural Ministries is? Is your perspective on this ministry informed? This seminar will discuss the purpose and vision for Multicultural Ministries and answer your questions. You will learn what resources are offered and how this ministry can help you reach people of every culture in your local community.
Brocc Chavis is the director of UPCI Multicultural Ministries. As a Native American Indian of the Lumbee Tribe, he is honored to serve in this post, focused on evangelizing the diverse cultures of North America. He has previously served the UPCI as pastor of United, The Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, North Carolina, as a district youth president, and as director of the Apostolic Youth Corps program. He and his wife, Randi, have been married for nineteen years and have five children.
Brocc Chavis, Hiro Nishi
Cultivate Multicultural Ministries Short-Term Missions Program
The UPCI sends missionaries to every possible nation of the world, yet due to cultural and language barriers the same cultures being reached in foreign lands are underserved here in North America. Cultivate is a Short-Term Mission program targeting young adults and young married couples, to engage you in evangelism of diverse cultures in the United States and Canada. This seminar will explain the goals of this program, the types of missions involved, and how you can participate.
Brocc Chavis is the director of UPCI Multicultural Ministries. As a Native American Indian of the Lumbee Tribe, he is honored to serve in this post, focused on evangelizing the diverse cultures of North America. He has previously served the UPCI as pastor of United, The Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, North Carolina, as a district youth president, and as director of the Apostolic Youth Corps program. He and his wife, Randi, have been married for nineteen years and have five children. After receiving his MBA, Hiro Nishi has served on a full-time pastoral staff under L. C. Treadway and D. G. Hargrove for a total of eleven years. In 2013, Hiro responded to the multicultural missionary call to serve International Christian Church in Houston, Texas. Hiro has also served in a variety of national and district ministries of UPCI.
Bruce Howell
The Past, Present, and Future of Global Missions
From the merger until now it has always been about "The Whole Gospel to the Whole World." Now more than ever before the whole church needs to be involved. The foundation and purpose of the UPCI was, is, and will be deep-rooted in the culture of global missions. This seminar looks at our beginning, our present, and what we anticipate for the future.
Bruce Howell served as a missionary to El Salvador and Honduras for 20 years and he served as Regional Director of Central America and the Caribbean for two years. He was elected as the General Director of Global Missions of the United Pentecostal Church in 2001. He currently serves in this capacity.
Chad Flowers
Ministering to Non-Traditional Families and Culture
An increasing number of non-traditional and blended families are now part of the Apostolic church, and many Apostolic families include at least one member who identifies with a non-traditional lifestyle. These families face perplexing challenges in areas such as parenting, establishing family unity, and dealing with a former spouse(s). This session will help families and church leaders address these challenges while building strong, healthy homes.
Chad Flowers is married to his best friend and teammate, Mendy. He's a daddy to two incredible little girls, Jadyn and Keira, and one son, Chandler. He lives in Mesquite, Texas, where he has a private practice as a licensed professional counselor and serves as pastor of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church
Chad Parker
Social Media, Gaming, and Your Teen's Mental Health
When should my teen have social media? How much screen time is too much screen time? This seminar will address physical and emotional development in tweens and teens and how social media and gaming can play a role in both negative and positive outcomes.
Chad is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Licensed Professional Counselor with almost 20 years experience working with families. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Royalwood Church in Houston, Texas (Senior Pastor Ron Macey). Chad is the Administrator for The Center for Apostolic Counseling and an adjunct professor of social work at Urshan College.
Cody Updegrave
A Soulwinning Youth Ministry
Is your youth group fulfilling the Great Commission? Come hear from veteran youth worker, Cody Updegrave, about their success in soulwinning at The Anchor in Zanesville, OH. Pastor Cody Updegrave serves under Pastor Aaron Bounds and has incredible stories and techniques to share about reaching, winning, and retaining youth and young adults. Be prepared to leave energized.
Cody Updegrave proposed to the beautiful Lauren at Ohio Youth Camp, at the same spot they first met. Together, with their two boys Winston Joseph and Lawson Gene, they serve The Anchor Church in Zanesville Ohio as Youth Pastor and Music Director under Pastor Aaron and Cyndi Bounds. Their work in youth ministry began when acronyms and MySpace were cool, and has been one of the greatest joys of their lives.
Darrel Collins and Stanley Wilt
Multicultural Missionaries and How It Works
The Multicultural Missionary program has planted almost 80 daughter works in the last 10 years, yet many leaders are unaware of this resource. MCM and the UPCI Executive Board appoints and sends Missionaries with specialized and focused skills in specific cultural groups to partner with local pastors to plant daughter-works. This is a resource to open a new ministry into a new culture in your community. This seminar is led by our veteran missionaries who have planted more than 40 works combined and will inform you on how this domestic missionary program works, and how you can participate.
The Collins served as missionaries to the country of Bolivia for fourteen years where they learned the culture and the language of the Hispanic people. When they decided to return to the United States, North American Missions asked them to consider serving as Intra-cultural Missionary Evangelists to the Hispanic community of North America. They were named as the first ICME missionaries in 200, and helped establish the first Spanish daughter church in November 2008.Since then they have helped start thirty-five Spanish daughter congregations in thirty different cities in ten different states. Stan and Cynthia Wilt are appointed Multicultural Missionaries to our Native American Population in the United States and Canada. With over 7 million souls, 564 Tribes, over 350 reservations and more than 200 Native Languages the task seems overwhelming. There is a strong determination that no Tribe should ever be left behind. The scope of work finds them assisting Pastors who have a desire to minister to and among the Native American in the surrounding community or on a nearby Reservation. They assist in the founding of daughter works by implementing the A.C.T.S. Programs, Celebrate Recovery, training potential pastors and teaching the non-native how to work among these Noble People. Our programs are successfully operating on nine reservations representing thirteen daughter works and preaching points
Darrell Johns
Team Ministry
Team ministry mirrors the ministry of Jesus and is at the heart of biblical leadership. Team ministry develops leaders, multiplies ministry, preserves the life of the leader, and advances the Kingdom of God.
Darrell Johns has served as pastor of Atlanta West Pentecostal Church since August 1995. His life goal is to develop leaders for the Kingdom of God. He is blessed to lead a church with a team ministry culture of staff and volunteers. He has served on various boards and committees, and as Georgia District Superintendent since 2013.
David K. Bernard
Raising a Daughter Work: Tools for Pastors
One of the most effective ways to reach a city is when established churches plant daughter works. Do not let uncertainty of the methods or structure required stop you from multiplying your reach! Proven mother church Pastors will equip you with the tools and methods for effective daughter work planting.
David K. Bernard is the general superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International, which has more than 5 million constituents in over 42,000 churches in 230 nations and territories. He founded New Life Church of Austin, Texas, out of which sixteen additional churches were started under his leadership. He is also the founding president of Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He earned both a master's and a Doctor of Theology degree in New Testament from the University of South Africa, a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas, and a Bachelor of Arts in mathematical sciences and managerial studies from Rice University. He has written thirty-seven books that have been published in thirty-nine languages with a total circulation of more than 900,000 copies. In addition, he has ministered in seventy countries on six continents. He and his wife, Connie, have three children and several grandchildren.
David Norris
Doctrinal Aspects of the Merger
What were the doctrinal differences between the two organizations that came to be the United Pentecostal Church? Why did earlier attempts to merge fail? When we rightly understand our past, we are rightly equipped to go forward in the future.
David S. Norris is Professor of Biblical Theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology and Urshan College. He has a PhD in Religion from Temple University and has been married to his incredible wife Nancy for 45 years.
Donald Martin
The History of Oneness Pentecostal Songs
Songs express the beliefs of the song writers. Learn the stories behind and explanation of the Apostolic Oneness song writers.
Don Martin was raised in a minister's home in central Texas. He has an associate degree in Theology from Christian Life College, Bachelor's degree in Theology from Apostolic Bible Institute, and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree from Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He has pastored for thirty-six years in several different churches in Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma. Since a child he has had a love for history, especially Apostolic history. He currently serves as the Global Missions Director for the Oklahoma District UPCI and is Chairman of the Pentecostal Heritage Society for the UPCI.
Donna Linville
Handling Unfulfilled Desire
What do you do when your dreams are shattered, your expectations unfulfilled, and you find yourself living a different reality than what you had hoped for or planned? This seminar will provide tips for navigating through disappointments and coming out victorious and joyful by the help and strength of the Lord.
Donna Linville is a uniquely gifted, internationally acclaimed speaker who has touched people's lives around the world through her ministry. She is a comedian, and is known for her infectious laughter. She has a gift for sharing life lessons in a humorous way and is genuine and authentic in her approach.
Donny Willis
Leveraging Technology for Discipleship and Small Groups
Instead of fearing or avoiding the rapidly changing pace of technology, what can the church do to take advantage of it? This session explores a new means of providing digital resources that will strengthen your small group ministry and increase the daily discipleship efforts of your saints.
Donny Willis spent a decade of his life directly involved in ministering to teens and young adults as a student pastor and assistant pastor. In 2017 Donny and his wife, Ashley, moved to New York to pastor Westchester Church. As a result of his dedicated study of media and technology, he has been an instrumental part of the formation of Discipleship Central, technology for Apostolic media.
Doug Klinedinst and Tom Foster
Partnering in the Harvest: Pastors and Evangelists
The Evangelist Ministry has been a catalyst for revival in Biblical days and every great revival since. Likewise, today, Pastors and Evangelists must collaborate for the last-days harvest. Come hear how this is working in many churches throughout the country and how we can work together for an even greater harvest.
Doug Klinedinst: ministry is marked by the demonstration of faith and power. It is common to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation where he is ministering. He travels full time conducting revival, smears and conference. Recently, he has begun process of mentoring others in the "gift of faith" and operation of spiritual gifts. His PowerUp Mentoring Conferences and the development of the Apostolic DNA Products are an exciting new development of this very special ministry sent by God into this defining hour for the church. Tom Foster is pastor of Dallas First Church and the founder of Growth Strategies. He is a revivalist and church growth consultant. Pastor Foster has over forty years of ministry experience. He is married to Gayla Foster and they have one son, Hayden.
Esmeralda Delgadillo
Hidden in Plain Sight, the 21st Century Minister's Wife
Today's minister's wife is faced with feelings of isolation, depression, loneliness, and shame. In the face of a church culture that often pushes these challenges and the woman undercurrent, this seminar explores connectedness, joy, vulnerability, and courage to help the woman of God find reality and relevance in the hidden heart.
Esmeralda Delgadillo, M.A., LPC, CSAS is a mental health professional practicing in Kingwood, TX, works with her husband Pastor Gabriel Delgadillo of Family Fire UPC, and is an ordained UPCI minister. She is the Director of Education and Community Outreach for the Center for Apostolic Counseling and has ministered throughout Texas Districts and beyond.
Galen Thompson and Kenneth Stewart
Creating a Culture for Growth and Discipleship
Every church and ministry desires growth and expansion. However, until a church intentionally establishes a growth culture, effective growth cannot happen. A culture of growth exists in all of God's creations. Come learn how to establish that culture within your church.
Kenneth Stewart Kenneth Stewart has served as the General North American Missions Director of Promotions since July of 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Christian Life College in Stockton, CA. Kenneth has been married for over twenty-eight years, to his wife Althea, and is the proud father of three daughters Ayana (husband Vagner) and Alyssa and Alena. Galen Thompson serves as the Training Coordinator for North American Missions, United Pentecostal Church, International. He and his wife, Ann, are church planters. They are passionate and energetic teachers who love training families, leaders, and church planters. While bi-vocational, Galen was a corporate and collegiate trainer/strategist. He is co-founder of Man Up Adventures.
Irvin Baxter
The Coronavirus and the End Time
Jesus prophesied that pestilences would be one of the signs of His Second Coming. A synonym for the word pestilence is "pandemic". Where does the world-changing Coronavirus Pandemic put us on God's end time timeline? What should we be expecting next, and what should we be doing?
Irvin Baxter is president and CEO of Endtime Ministries. He has studied current events and the prophecies of the Bible for over fifty years. He recently celebrated his fiftieth wedding anniversary with Judy. They have three daughters and sons-in-law who are all serving God and working for the Kingdom.
J. Mark Jordan
Historical Thoughts
Evaluating the past of the UPCI consists of more than a mere recounting of names, dates and places. We must understand the formative concepts, premises for growth and strategic decisions that propelled us to the forefront of Apostolic history. This seminar will discuss these developments with the view that they must be kept alive in our present and are vitally relevant to our future. It is designed to inform us of the pathway that led us to who we are and to inspire the coming generations to continue following the same path.
J. Mark Jordan, 72, served as pastor of the First Apostolic Church in Toledo, Ohio, for forty years before retiring in 2013. He was also the Ohio District superintendent for twenty-two years and is an honorary member of the General Board. He has served on various other boards and committees of the UPCI. He A frequent contributor to UPCI publications, he has also written and published twenty books, most of which are available through the Pentecostal Publishing House. He and his wife, Sandy, have three married children and six grandchildren. He now travels around the country to preach, teach, and conduct seminars.
Jack Cunningham
Crusades/Church Growth
In this session, Jack Cunningham will teach the unique biblical based characteristics that define a growing Apostolic church. Too often pastors and key church leaders look to the corporate world, the religious world, and community based programs and concepts to grow the church. The problem is, an Apostolic church is not a corporation, a religion, a program, or a social experiment. God�s church was designed by God to be first biblical, then powerful, inviting, inclusive, and influential. There is nothing on the earth more powerful than an Apostolic church doing and being what God designed it to do and be. A genuine Apostolic church must be built upon Apostolic principles and procedures. The principles and procedures are clearly outlined in the Word of God. Many churches have found these principles and procedures and applied them in building an Apostolic assembly.
Jack Cunningham is pastor of Bible World, an Apostolic Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. He is district superintendent of the Virginia District. He travels extensively throughout North America and around the world preaching crusades, camps, and conferences.
Jackie Little
Communication Skills Workshop (Title to Be Formulated)
Communication plays an important role in our success as leaders and individuals. In this interactive workshop, participants will examine some key considerations for effective communication, have an opportunity to build on their existing skills in this area and apply these principles to their unique role in the Kingdom of God.
Jackie Little is the Ladies President for the Maine District and the pastor's wife at the First UPC of Lewiston. She has an advanced degree in HR Leadership and works as the HR Director for the Maine Legislature. She lives in Lewiston, Maine with her husband, Rev. Todd Little and her two fantastic teens, Nathan and Kristen.
James Poitras, Seneatha Clayton, Angie Clark
Got a Call? What Next?
It's one thing to be called; quite another to be equipped. What options for short-term involvement are available? How does one develop the call? How does one become better equipped? What does one do while waiting?
Jim Poitras served as a missionary for twenty-eight years and is the Director of Education and Short-Term Missions for Global Missions, UPCI. Seneatha Clayton is the AYC Director with UPCI Youth Ministries. She loves to travel especially when leading young people toward a greater burden and vision for missions. Angie Clark specializes in missions mobilization and works extensively with the various short-term missions programs that Global Missions has to offer.
Jason Robbins
Church Security
In this seminar you will learn how to build a security team for your church and how to select members for the team. We will discuss how to assess your building and train and deploy your security. You will learn how to keep records and manage your security team.
Jason Robbins has been a licensed minister with the Louisiana District UPCI and part of the Pentecostals Of Alexandria. Church Security Staff acting as Chief Instructor. He has been a Federal Government Security Contractor for fifteen and oversees all the training for the State of Louisiana and Texas for the Federal Protective Services/GSA Contracts. As the Owner, and Chief Instructor for Armour Protective Services LLC for almost eleven years, he has placed a huge emphasis on training church security personnel from Active Threats, Conceal Handgun Training, Advanced Handguns and Tactics Training, to de-escalation of force. He and his wife, Theresa, have been marred for twenty-seven years and have two daughters and two granddaughters.
Jay Carney
The Blessings of Bi-Vocational Ministry
Bi-vocational ministry presents unique opportunities, as well as unique challenges. This session will equip, inspire, and challenge ministers to be successful in a dual-career role.
Pastor Jay and his wife, Demetra, have served as pastor of Life at Tupelo FPC since January 2017. Prior to that, he worked in the construction industry from laborer to Corporate Executive and has experience of 37 years and over $1.5 billion in work. He also owns C-Cubed, LLC which provides solutions to people who have needs related to construction, capital and community.
Jeanie Bland
The Christian Educator's Stylist
A properly attired teacher can be one of hell's worst enemies. This seminar is geared specifically towards the Church educator (Sunday School teacher, Children's minister, Christian school teacher, adult Bible study teacher, youth pastor, etc.) and will break down the style advice in Ephesians 6 to be used as a guideline for your spiritual wardrobe.
Dr. M. Jean Bland has 23 years of vocational experience in education (secondary and post-secondary) and serves as the director of the Urshan Student Success Center at Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology. She is also a member of the faculty of Urshan College. Jeanie believes that loving God with all your mind is key to a truly abundant life. She is a member of The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, MO pastored by Mitchell Bland where she is actively involved in educational ministry.
Jeff Harpole
Transformation Leadership Reaching the Unseen Church
The year 2020 began with a focus vision. Little did we know that what thought was important was turned on its head and the world changed forever. Leading demands decentralizing and empowering heads of families if we desire to reach the unseen church. Our vision must reach beyond the boundaries of our properties and last longer than the framework of our worship services.
Jeffrey Harpole is the Pastor of New Life Fellowship and founder of the Effective Church Conference. He graduated from Missouri Baptist University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Indiana Bible College with a Master's Degree in Theology. He has successfully combined his formal training with his faith. He began leading a church of fifty members twenty years ago. He is a proponent & teacher of the Generational Church. Jeffrey and Tami Harpole, and children, Roman, Reagan, Alexandra, and Nicholas, reside in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Jeromy Hoffee
Investing in the Next Generation
Do you have plenty of musicians and singers in your church or struggle with music each and every Sunday? Many times, churches are either desperately in need of help or comfortable in that they have established a great team. In this session we will talk about the benefit and risk of both of these scenarios and why developing the next generation is imperative to your church music program.
Jeromy begin playing music in the church at 12 yrs of age and has been involved in many different capacities since that time. He served as music director at Gateway College in St. Louis, MO from 2000-2010, and now works alongside his wife Barbie as music directors at The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, MO. Jeremy also works at UPCI World Headquarters serving as director of UPCI Music Ministry and enjoys traveling and working with many church music programs.
Jerry Jones
What Makes A Sermon Work
We will explore the questions: What distinguishes preaching from public speaking? What is the difference between preaching and teaching? How can I preach better? How do you find great sermon ideas? How do you assemble a great sermon? How can I make my preaching more effective?
Jerry Jones is an assistant professor of theology at Urshan College. He has been preaching for 49 years, and continues to preach and teach across the fellowship. He lives in St Charles, Missouri with his wife, Phyllis, and his grandson, Gavin.
Jimmy Toney
Preaching with the Pew in Mind
"Preaching with the pew in mind" will be an informative and inspiration session teaching creative ways to engage the audience with memorable messages.
Jimmy Toney is the pastor at The Pentecostals of Gainesville. He is married to Renee and has one daughter and a son-in-law. They have planted two churches: one in Omaha, Nebraska, and the other in Lexington, Kentucky.
Joshua Herring
America's Time: Prayer, Crusades, and Harvest. Miracles, Signs, and Wonders
It's America's time to experience the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost in its history! The manifestation of the power of God bringing miraculous results in third world countries overseas in the mission field, will now happen here, in North America. Now is the time! Come and discover how God will pour out His Spirit across our nation, even in crusades, and equip the Church to lead the charge in a spirit of unity and revival. Be a part of it, and pray and prepare for the harvest and a supernatural display of miracles, signs, and wonders!
Joshua Herring is an International Evangelist and a licensed UPCI minister. He has been serving as an evangelist for more than 17 years. He was born in Anchorage, Alaska and currently resides near Pensacola, with his wife Jenee, and their three children. He has been mentored by Lee Stoneking, Jack Cunningham, and Stan Gleason. In his ministry thousands have been filled with the Holy Ghost and he has seen many miracles, including the dead raised, blind eyes and deaf ears opened, cancer healed, and the lame walk.
Justin Reinking and Seneatha Clayton
One Team, Many Personalities
To be effective in ministry it takes many people. Each person brings a different personality to the mix of the team. Come join two of UPCI Youth Ministries finest as they discuss tools and tips to determine and maximize each team member's potential and personality. Bring a notebook, this will be a good one.
Justin Reinking joined the UPCI Youth Ministries in January 2017. Before coming to St. Louis, he was privileged to serve as a member of the Oklahoma Youth Department for nearly 10 years. He was a full-time youth pastor for ten years serving under Pastor Matthew Martin at the Dewar United Pentecostal Church. Justin is an ordained minister of the UPCI and believes in this generation of Apostolic youth. He and his wife, Kimberly have three boys. Seneatha Clayton is a licensed minster serving as the Apostolic Youth Corps Director on the UPCI YM team. She graduated from Missouri State University with her bachelor's in accounting and is currently pursuing a graduate degree. Before moving to St. Louis, her career as a finance director afforded many opportunities in different corporate industries. In ministry, she served on different leadership teams in administration, bible quizzing, and other areas. Her background in ministry and business has gifted many chances to work with and learn from various team dynamics. Work, ministry, and life are better with a team, and she is thankful to work with the best!
Ken Gurley
Returning to Relational Prayer
Prayer meetings have played and will always play a huge role in revivals, awakenings, and ongoing church growth. This session celebrates prayer, encourages churches to pray corporately, and emphasizes the beauty of personal prayer in light of worship and cultivating our personal relationship with God.
Ken Gurley is a native Houstonian who likes to talk about Jesus. Since 1988, he has served as lead pastor of First Church of Pearland and presently shares the pastoral role with Tyler Walea. He has filled numerous offices and has served on a variety of committees and boards. His books include Four Tables, Point of Low Points, Worth the Wait, and The Book on Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening. He also authored the ten-book series, Preaching for A New Millennium, and has blogged for the Houston Chronicle. He and his wife, Tessie, have three married children.
Kristin Keller
Sunday's Coming: How To Prep + Plan
It's almost Sunday! Again! Do you get a pitted feeling when you read that statement? Does a sense of panic overwhelm you as you immediately dive into a frenzied analysis of what still needs planned for yet, another Sunday? Does the stress of planning 52+ worship experiences a year attempt to highjack your true love for a Sunday Worship experience on a weekly basis? If so, this class is for you! We will discuss how to properly prepare each week to help avoid burnout and resentment towards your high calling as a Worship Leader/Creative.
Kristin serves as the Ministry Director for Hyphen, the young adult ministry of UPCI's Youth Ministries. At New Life Christian Center in Lancaster, Ohio, she serves as a Worship Leader and a part of the NLCC Young Adult Staff. In 2005 she graduated from Indiana Bible College with a Bachelor�s Degree of Arts and Music and in 2007 from Liberty University with a Master�s Degree in Business Administration specializing in International Business. In 2014 she graduated as Dr. Kristin Keller from the Institute for Worship Studies with a Doctor of Worship Studies Degree.
Laird Sillimon
The Importance of Corporate Worship for all Generations
This session will discuss the reasons for creating a worship atmosphere that is effective in a multigenerational church; how to engage the local worship community in an experience that is relevant while building a cross-generational bridge that values various musical genres and stages of maturity.
Laird has over 35 years of experience in music ministry and in the gospel music industry, both as a songwriter and an artist. His appointments include: UPCI Music Ministry advisory committee, Building the Bridge Southwest Regional Director, NAM GC worship leader in recent years. His education includes; B.S.,Mechanical Engineering, Howard University and a Master of Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. Currently, Laird and his family reside in California were he is Vice President of Operations at Christian Life College, as well as a worship leader at Christian Life Center mega church in Stockton.
Laura Payne
Our Musical History, our Musical Future
Do Oneness Pentecostals have a distinct musical heritage? In this class we will take a look at the artists and trends that have defined worship in our congregations and talk about how these trends may define the future.
Laura has been involved in Apostolic Education for over 15 years. She currently serves as Choral Director for Urshan College and is the founder of Heart of Worship Ministries. She is passionate about songwriting, mentoring young worship leaders and adoption.
Lee Ann Alexander and Robin Johnston
A New Approach to Small Groups and Adult Sunday School
With the dynamics of Sunday school changing, what will we do to help adults grow spiritually? This session explores a new model for teaching adults that incorporates principles of spiritual formation, community, and service.
Robin Johnston (PhD, Regent University) is the editor in chief and publisher of the UPCI, director of the Center for the Study of Oneness Pentecostalism, and professor of historical theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He served as the general editor for the Apostolic Study Bible and has authored several books including Howard Goss: A Pentecostal Life. He and his wife, Marsha, have three children several grandchildren. Lee Ann Alexander is an associate editor for the United Pentecostal Church International where she leads the curriculum team in creating resources for education and discipleship. Her background in teaching drives her passion for instilling truth in every generation. She is a licensed minister of the UPCI and serves in various capacities at The Sanctuary UPC in Hazelwood, Missouri.
The Five-Fold Ministry
Your life, your ministry, your church, will never be the same when you allow the five-fold ministry to operate in its full capacity, as listed in Ephesians 4:11-12. Discover how "Apostles" govern, "Prophets" guide, "Evangelists" gather, "Pastors" guard, and "Teachers" ground souls, in areas of calling to help empower the Church. Hear about Spiritual insights of modern-day ministerial heroes. Come, and you'll never be the same!
Lee Stoneking is an ordained UPCI Minister, International Evangelist, Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Foreign Tour Guide, and more. He graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967 as Honor Student of the Year and was awarded the Scholarship Award Certificate. His degrees include: Bachelor of Theology in Apostolic Studies, Doctor of Christian Philosophy in Christian Education (Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary, South Carolina Campus), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Divinity (Southern Eastern University), and more.
Marion Pietz
Laughing Your Way through Stress
We live in a stressful world! Laughing Your Way Through Stress promotes the God given use of hearty, healthy laughter as a way to help individuals overcome stress. Laughing for just 15 seconds every day can produce the rejuvenating and energizing benefits of a hearty laugh. Participants will also learn new vocabulary that will help them remember the God-given escape of laughter!
E. Pietz, MS, LPC-S, LMFT, CCDS is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Center for Apostolic Counseling. As a Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor, Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Chemical Dependency Specialist, Marion has helped countless Pastors and their saints, and individuals find freedom and live richer, more rewarding lives. She has been in private practice since 1991. Marion is a well sought after motivational speaker and humorist for churches and ladies meetings providing training and education in a fun and easily understood way.
Mark Hattabaugh
Connecting to Your Community through Chaplaincy
Everyday living can include unexpected challenges relating to health, aging, loss, or major life challenges. How can we help people navigate these storms of life? During these times, spiritual support provided by a trained chaplain can make a world of difference. Do you have the passion to provide emotional and spiritual support to those whose lives have been shaken? The chaplaincy ministry provides a unique opportunity for men and women to serve in various secular environments, responding to people who long to be cared for in their time of crisis.
Mark Hattabaugh has been the Senior Pastor at The Pentecostals of Cooper City, Florida for 23 years. He is also a Commander in the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for the Department of Chaplains of the UPCI and a Senior Police Chaplain for the Miramar, Florida Police Department and a Fire Chaplain for the Miramar Fire Department.
Mark Morgan
The Measure of Faith
In this seminar we will discuss how to understand the measure of faith which is determined by God.
Mark Morgan is the senior Pastor at Abounding Grace of San Francisco, a congregation he founded in December 2004. He is also the president and founder of Global Impact Ministries, an organization dedicated to sharing the apostolic faith in North America and overseas. He continues to pour out his life to equip this generation for the promised end time harvest.
Marrell Cornwell
Advanced Bible Studies That Work
In this seminar you will learn hoe to add lessons to your bibles studies to make them more effective.
In fifty years of ministry Marrell Cornwell has pastored three churches and been pastoring First Pentecostal Church in Wichita, Kansas, since August, 1977. The church has grown from a congregation of 150 in 1977 to over 600 today. During his pastorate in Wichita he has taught over 5,000 Home Bible Study lessons. He has also authored original material for sixteen Bible College classes and three separate Exploring Gods Word soul winning series. He travels extensively across the United States teaching Home Bible Study seminars.
Mike Easter
The Angel With the Flaming Sword: God's perspective on how to serve your pastor
God gave gifts unto men and among those are the gift of a Pastor. The Word of God expresses specific commandments as to our responsibility to the Man of God in our lives.
The author of "You Dont Have to Wait til Spring to Have an Easter Revival", Mike Easter of Newport News, VA is a full time evangelist. Since 2000.... It has been a whirlwind of apostolic power and revival. Hundreds have been baptized and multitudes filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Mike Easter's ministry is encouraging, refreshing, and dynamic.
Nancy Norris
Ministering to Special-Needs Children
This seminar is designed to give resources and ideas when working with special needs children. Those who would benefit from this semainr are Sunday School teachers, Pastors, church leaders, and parents.
Nancy Norris graduated with a bachelor's degree from Apostolic Bible Institute, from Concordia College with a B.A. in Elementary Education, and of Eastern University with an M.A. in Education. She has taught in public schools, special needs schools, and has taught education courses on a collegiate level. Recently, she taught a course at Urshan College on Ministering to Handicapped Children. Nancy loves living and laughing, people and puppets, and delights to hear people�s stories. Among the stories she loves to tell is the journey she had with her son Nathaniel, who was born with special needs.
Nathan Harrod
Apostolic Ministry in The 21st Century
This session will concern the application of Apostolic principles for ministry while addressing present day challenges. Missionary Nathan Harrod will be taking a fresh look at how to bring New Testament demonstrations into a North American context. How does our church culture effect experiencing miracles, signs and wonders?
The Harrod family have been involved in missions in Spain since 2004. They Pastor The Pentecostals of Barcelona in downtown Barcelona, Spain and have worked to plant eight other daughter churches during their time there. Bro. Harrod also serves as the General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church of Spain and travels extensively visiting the churches and Pastors under his leadership throughout the nation of Spain.